Our Man in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Headed Home

Ron Peterson, P2R Account Director and published author, has embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Ron was a Peace Corps. volunteer more than 30 years ago assigned to assist in Peace Corps support efforts in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This is an official “reunion-type” trip sponsored by the Peace Corps and the Ethiopian government. Ron left on his journey on September 22 and will be in Addis and other cities through October 8. He is the author of A Time to . . . A Baby Boomer’s Spiritual Adventures.

P2R will be posting his updates to this blog as we receive them.

Our Man in Ethiopia – Oct. 7


My flight back to the USA is tonight, after flying into Addis from Dire Dawa and having a farewell dinner with the Peace Corps group along with Alemu and his wife Maletu. It will be an emotional time because we may not ever return to Ethiopia again. It would be nice if the water project Alemu and I will be proposing materializes because it could mean another return visit for me. I will also be contacting the foreign ministry and the Ethiopian embassy in Washington DC  to followup on my conversation about promoting Ethiopia in the States to encourage investment and tourism.

Ethiopia has experience explosive development in the past 10 years and appears to be ready for more in the coming decade. It is a different country than the one I left 37 years ago in many ways: development, population, education, standard of living, business and politically. All of it good.

The highlights of my time in Harrar and Dire Dawa include visiting the museum that was the home where Haile Selassie grew up, the house of the French Poet Arthur Rimbaud, the feed of the hyena’s, the amazing rock formations outside of Harrar, the baboons and camels feeding among the rock formations, and the old train station in Dire Dawa built by the French in 1902.

I have so much to share and will do so by producing a video of all the places I visited which will show so much.

I fly into Detroit tomorrow (Monday) at about 2 p.m. local time and will probably take a nap to recuperate from the long flight.



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