Our Man in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Ron Peterson, P2R Account Director and published author, has embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Ron was a Peace Corps. volunteer more than 30 years ago assigned to assist in Peace Corps support efforts in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This is an official “reunion-type” trip sponsored by the Peace Corps and the Ethiopian government. Ron left on his journey on September 22 and will be in Addis and other cities through October 8. He is the author of A Time to . . . A Baby Boomer’s Spiritual Adventures.

P2R will be posting his updates to this blog as we receive them.

Our Man in Ethiopia – Oct. 4


The stone-carved churches of Lalibela (“Honey  Eater”) were spectacular. There are 12 of them, in two groups, connected by underground tunnels. A few of them stand close to 100 feet tall. I have great video of them, including a worship service with scores of priests chanting and hundreds of people attending. In the northern region of Ethiopia there are about 120 stone-carved churches that date back between 600-800 years old.

We also traveled to a 1,000-year-old church and small palace that were built-in a large cave in the side of a mountain. The remains of more than 5,000 pilgrims, from as far away as Yemen and The Sudan, lay in a pile in the rear of the cave. Many of them starved themselves to death after being blessed by the king/head priest.

These churches are all located in the SemienMountains, which must be seen to be believed with their high peaks and lush landscapes of rolling hills and valleys. I have great video of them.

Yesterday in Axum, the first Ethiopian kingdom some 3,000 years ago and home of The Queen of Sheba, we toured the remains of her palace, saw the tallest obelisk in the world at about 30 meters, stood outside the church which houses the Ark of the Covenant and visited inside the new, large circular church Haile Selassie built to serve the area.

It is hard to put into words how all these places inspire one regarding the power of faith in the lives of Ethiopians. I have also purchased a book with photos to learn more about these churches.

I will leave soon for dinner with |Alemu and his family and will take video of the traditional dancing and music that the restaurant provides.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Dire Dawa and Harar to see more of Ethiopia’s historic places.



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