Our Man in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ron Peterson, P2R Account Director and published author, has embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Ron was a Peace Corps. volunteer more than 30 years ago assigned to assist in Peace Corps support efforts in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This is an official “reunion-type” trip sponsored by the Peace Corps and the Ethiopian government. Ron left on his journey on September 22 and will be in Addis and other cities through October 8. He is the author of A Time to . . . A Baby Boomer’s Spiritual Adventures.

P2R will be posting his updates to this blog as we receive them.

Our Man in Ethiopia – Sept. 29


We were on the road for 14 hours yesterday back to Addis so I had no time to email. Other than the long trip it was a good ride with lots of good conversation among the 10 people in the minibus and beautiful scenery that I captured on video. When we arrived at Alemu’s home at 10 pm, his wife, Maletu (“Rising Sun”) had dinner waiting and his daughter Andenet (“Unity”) had some pastry she bought for me because she knew I liked it. She told us about the 5-minute radio report discussing Alemu’s reunion with me and the Peace Corps 50th anniversary. We have become famous. Alemu also had a great idea about the two of us proposing a water project at the school where we met and we will be begin thinking about how we can make this happen. 

Alemu and I were up early (4:30 am) today to be picked up for my ride to the airport for my 9-day historic tour of the northern cities: Baher Dar, Gondar, Lalibella, Axum. I’m about to go to bed now after spending the day at the Blue Nile falls and on Lake Tana to visit a 16-century church on one of its islands. Words are hard to find to express the beauty of both the Blue Nile falls and its surrounding area. It’s a good thing that I caputured it all on video. It was a hike up a small mountain to get there but a most memorable experience. 

The boat ride on Lake Tana was peaceful and the walk up the mountain trail to the church was a little hike. I bought a few things to remember both places. 

Our hotel rooms here in Baher Dar make up for the ones in Nekemte, which were subpar because of the plumbing problems.   The rooms are new and beautiful with great amenities like a multihead shower (with hot water) and an in-shower radio. 

We’re up early tomorrow for a 3-hour drive to Gondar where we will visit the ancient castles of the old kings. 

I hope you are all well and will report again tomorrow if I can. 



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