Content is King

Increasingly, web marketing pundits are rediscovering the critical importance of content in online marketing activities.  That’s no news to P2R.  While cases can be made for the primacy of virtually any aspect of online marketing support, in any argument, content generally will be mentioned as a top – if not THE top component in an effective and successful effort.  That is certainly our view.

Content must be compelling, relevant, clear and well-written.  Graphics, copy, topic and presentation all must quickly capture, hold and motivate recipients.  Copy can go in a lot of different directions with regard to tone, style and structure, and still be successful – but it’s got to be good.  Quality has to be high.  Use of language has to be almost intuitive and connect with readers and style should suit the application, audience and objective.

Generally, less works best.  We’re talking about writing.  These days, if you want your online campaigns to “pop” and stand out from the crowd – put your effort into quality writing that’s backed up by an informed perspective.

There’s far too much shoddy writing virtually everywhere.  Pick up a newspaper.  Read various online news sources.  Lingering doubts?  Google your favorite hobby, sport or pastime plus “forum” and read some of the posts.  Aside from online shorthand, one can quickly come to the conclusion that clarity of thought and articulate written expression have become lost arts for most.

It’s the exception rather than the rule to read something that’s well-written, thought-provoking and interesting.  So – if you want to capture your audience and have them subscribe to your online outreach vehicles, take the time and go to the expense of producing quality content starting with writing.


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