Crisis Communications Planning – Is Your Company Ready?

When crisis strikes a company, it can be difficult for an unprepared management team to effectively respond to demands from the media and stakeholder groups for information and action.

There are a myriad of “disasters” that could impact your business to the point that you are forced to focus your time on putting out fires instead of pro-actively executing your growth strategy.  Companies that have anticipated these events and planned communication processes with key stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) and the media will be in a better position to emerge from a crisis with their corporate reputation intact – perhaps even enhanced.

Handling a crisis badly can have severe long-term, negative consequences for an organization, its executive team and employees.  In some instances, poor response to crises can lead to a company’s demise.  To avoid this, companies need to respond immediately and remain proactive to minimize the need to continually react to rumors and unfounded accusations, and to allow the company to emerge with its reputation intact.

Many crises can be prepared for, even if they cannot be predicted or prevented.  A company that handles a crisis well can mitigate lingering effects at a minimum, and in many cases, can emerge from it with its reputation enhanced.

For more information, including a complimentary crisis communications assessment, contact Gordon Cole at gcole@p2rassociates – (248) 348-2464 – or visit

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