We’ve Been Called a “Secret Weapon”

A client referred to us as their “secret weapon…” It was a huge compliment to our team and underscored the appreciation for our efforts in helping drive their success.

P2R Associates is an award-winning public relations and integrated brand communications firm.

You can say we’re the “little agency with the big experience.” P2R combines the strategic public relations, integrated brand communications and business development support practice areas that harried senior executives wrestle to manage successfully. 

We specialize in strategic public relations and integrated brand communications activities that “speak with one voice.” We help you cut through the clutter and reach your customers, investors, employees and other stakeholder audiences with a clear, unified message.

Unique among our peers, P2R staff combines senior-level corporate experience with similar agency experience. We’ve been in our clients’ shoes.  We understand budgeting and internal decision drivers. We find creative ways to tackle challenges and make things work.

P2R is a resource allowing you to align your messages, integrate your activities and manage those key areas in a way that leverages success and produces results.

Learn more at www.p2rassociates.com

Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/P2RAssociates   or  @P2Rassociates

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/p2rassociates


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