Putting Perception to Reality (P2R) to Work for You

To get 2010 off to a good start, we hereby offer 12 reasons why P2R Associates is positioned as THE resource to integrate and manage your communications programs.

  • P2R always gives you senior-level PR counsel
  • P2R always knows your business
  • P2R always delivers quality work, the first time
  • P2R has people that can craft coherent, clear copy to cut through the clutter and reach your customers, investors, and other key audiences with a clear, unified message
  • P2R has people who know how a budget is put together and how to stay within it
  • P2R has people who know the difference between marketing, branding and public relations, our integrated communications approach results in break-through communications that are aligned with business objectives and focused on sustaining success
  • P2R has people who can put together a simple plan for getting from A to B, complete with goals and objectives, and explain it to someone else
  • P2R has people who can see how different areas of the business work together to form a systematic operation
  • P2R has people who have basic customer service skills like patience, politeness, helpfulness and common courtesy
  • P2R has people who know how to communicate clearly, collaborate on projects and manage people positively
  • P2R has people who can admit what they don’t know and seek knowledge or help for answers
  • P2R has people who can engage in intelligent discourse and discussion

About P2R Associates:  P2R Associates is an award-winning, strategic public relations and brand communications firm serving a diverse mix of international, national and local companies in a range of industries.  With special expertise in business-to-business communications, P2R has represented clients in the automotive OE, Tier 1 and aftermarket, high-tech manufacturing, construction, consulting, defense, retail, design, engineering and exhibit and event management.  Headquartered in Livonia, Mich., P2R provides clients with strategy-driven tactics, superior service and measurable results.

For more information on P2R Associates visit www.p2rassociates.com, email info@p2rassociates.com or call 1-248-348-2464

*Special nod to Amber Naslund of Altitude Branding.com – “Will the Business People Please Stand Up?


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