Strategic Business Development

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

There is no question that manufacturing companies are faced with significant challenges as they try to survive today’s difficult economic conditions. Some might even consider the challenges insurmountable.

P2R Associates disagrees.

We believe that manufacturing companies have a wealth of expertise that can help them break free of excessive dependence on the automotive industry. The key is to implement strategic sales and marketing programs that position your company as a forward-facing leader, not a company struggling to do business the way it’s always been done.

Begin with an honest appraisal of your company’s ability to reorient itself to new markets. You need to understand the markets you want to enter. Who are the potential customers and what do they want from a new supplier? Who are the competitors and how are they positioned? Once opportunities are identified, you need a strategic, integrated plan that will serve as the bridge to these new markets, one that outlines the messages that will resonate with target customers, and details specific programs required to achieve company goals.

For example, many companies with a history of serving the automotive industry are interested in expanding into government and aerospace markets, and for good reason. Companies that can “crack the code” may find opportunities within numerous government programs, ranging from state Department of Transportation) to the federal Department of Defense. In addition, the aerospace industry values the ability of automotive suppliers to meet its demanding quality standards.

P2R Associates can help you identify and pursue these opportunities — and others.

We know how to work with government agencies, each with its own processes and requirements, helping you find opportunities that are a fit. Furthermore, we are experts in rebranding companies and helping them launch new products, technologies and services. We tell your story in ways that resonate with prospective customers in your current industry or in new markets.

We take a collaborative approach with our clients, delivering solutions that “move the needle” on-time and within budget. We can work as a seamless extension of your sales and marketing team, or if you are not ready to invest in building these internal teams, P2R can cost-effectively staff these functions on your behalf.

As challenging as this economy is, opportunities still exist for companies prepared to seize them.


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