Idea Development for P2R Client’s BIG News Idea™ Eerily & Unwittingly Follows the Kaizen Process!

While developing the idea kernel for a BIG News Idea for a client, the staff of P2R Associates followed the Kaizen Process as if we were following a template.  Coincidence? Luck? Parallel Universe? Good, solid fundamentals?

 Of course, we prefer to think it was the latter as that is what we stress to our team members and clients, but it got us thinking . . . how similar is the Kaizen process to the P2R e³ Process™

P2R’s e³ Process follows a structured and focused approach to strategic marketing communications problem solving – much like the Kaizen process.  The literal translation of kaizen is “small improvements everyday” and the approach is simple. Define the problem/opportunity, pick the best cross-functional group of people, and fix the process or problem quickly using lean tools and techniques. 

P2R Associates e³ Process Kaizen Process
  • Strategic Audit & Review
Identify Opportunity
  • Understand Position
Form Team & Scope of Project
  Analyze Current State
  Define Ideal State
  • Strategic Planning
Identify Root Causes & Propose Solutions
  • Goals, Objectives
Plan & Test Proposed Solutions
  • Strategic Execution
Refine & Implement Solutions
  • Measure Success & Realign/Maintain Momentum
Measure Progress & Hold Gains
  • Track Success & Adjust Activities as Needed
Share Results

 Fundamentally how does the P2R e³ Process mirror Kaizen? 

First, our passion for understanding a company’s current state identifies opportunities for improvement and sets a vision for how success is defined.  Our strategic review and audit of company executives, managers, customers, suppliers, industry, media, corresponding marketing materials and perceptions provides the real data foundation on which a solid communications effort is based. 

Second, our focus on the ideal state helps our clients achieve breakthrough results, not just incremental improvement.  This is accomplished through comprehensive strategic planning of communications for image and branding, marketing materials, employees, customers, investors, media and community.  P2R follows this with targeted goals, objectives strategies and recommendations.  

Third is our intensive strategic execution – aligning and launching – of an integrated set of communication activities all focused on achieving success.  These activities include; employee and business communication, public and media relations, speaking engagements, trade show participation, editorial placement, social media marketing and advertising.  

Finally, we measure success via position assessment, constant realignment as necessary, and a proactive approach designed to strongly position a company in its industry and in a way that achieves and maintains the premium position. 

While strategic communication is an often-overlooked, misunderstood and underutilized business tool; in reality it is a vital, integrated “force-multiplier” for a business and as critical to its success as cash management.  Indeed – an effective and sustained integrated brand communications effort is a fundamental driver of cash-flow, stability and long-term success. 

Kaizen, P2R e³, whatever process is used for problem solving and improvement; P2R believes that focused communications across the spectrum of the business environment is the means through which success is achieved.  For more information visit:


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